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What if you could innovate, digitally engage your ecosystem and transform your organization?

Using a single "one stop shop" flexible digital platform.

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This is MARYLINK !

A nextgen modular software framework. Whatever your focus is, employees, customers, citizens or innovation projects…
you can build pretty much any collaborative or community platform you wish through a flexible and powerful core that can be extended with modules.

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Finally, a networking solution that really fits your audience.

We have gone beyond existing solutions, to deliver both immediate usability and unmatched flexibility. MARYLINK is both a polished, turn key, community platform as well as being a powerful point & click application builder.

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Build your dream platform!

With MARYLINK you can build remarkable digital platforms experiences quickly and easily to drive your business forward faster,
thanks to open source flexibility,
unlimited smart spaces,
and amazing one-click collaborative tools.

Immediate Usability

Start with our core solution. A flexible community software, easy to set up and powerful.

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Fit for your specific context

Add optional extensions, get additional services over time and build your dream community .

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Holistic, all in one platform.

No need to lose time and money piling up different tools to engage all the members of your ecosystem. The MARYLINK framework can serve as your corporate website, your partner portal, your social intranet as well as your open innovation hub

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Our concept






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One platform for all your community activities

Pretty much all you can expect from a modern, top notch, networking platform. Forums, ideas management, activity streams, directories, events, geolocation, media and documents, review tools, projects and much more.

Easy to USE




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Right fit to your digital maturity

Incredibly flexible in a « no coding » approach. No need for code development. You can easily create new collaborative spaces or pages, tailored to your needs, in just a few clicks. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a few minutes.


You get several predefined spaces as standard, which you can edit or clone for changes.


Each publication comes with the optional ability to embed photos, videos or files, and documents.

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Propably the most feature rich collaborative platform!

Your own private social network

Attractive, simple and fun to use. MARYLINK uses the latest web tools and user interfaces that are commonly used on several major social platforms. Your users will feel at home as soon as they use it.

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You are in command!

you can easily create and manage the content types you want. Build ideation spaces, forums, Q&As, job boards, advanced support systems, geolocated directories and many more. Manage each of them in dedicated bespoke workflows. Our smart space builder will allow you to get any collaborative processes online in just minutes.

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Familiar user experience

 Through a single interface front-end content creation, using familiar tools like Word style editing, no barriers will remain between your users and the ability to share their ideas, insights or any other publications, with the wider business.

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right content to the right people

Our suscriptions functions keeps content relevant to each user, and our simple navigation makes missing important news a thing of the past. Using simple rich media, tags and social features, members can enrich their publications to ensure it is highly engaging and gets in front of the right people at the right moment.

A solution made to engage

Our solution is featured rich. But we have also integrated best practices of collaboration, with inputs coming from social psychology, UX design and continuous user feed-backs. Because great tools are nice to have. But the real benefit is coming from high levels of engagement, helping you to keep your platform alive with valuable conversations.

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Modular and cost effective.

Our business model, with its catalog of apps, has been set up to provide our customers all the tools their projects and their communities will require, at a fair price, without charging them for something they don’t need.

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