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With unique functionalities




Engage your ecosystem, your city, your employees...

Around your products...

Your brand...

Your projects...

Your innovations...

With new & disruptive software tools

Ecosystem success platform!

An all-in-one community and collaboration software solution!

Build your ideal community with MARYLINK

Easy to set up and amazingly flexible!

The Ecosystem Success Platform

the only platform able to engage and manage your
entire ecosystem, both internal and external!

Connect customers, source partners, curate knowledge, increase revenues, innovate, train people, manage projects and processes, develop brand awareness, engage and maximize retention.

Innovation hub

Leverage crowd wisdom, involving everyone in your innovation process .

Employee engagement

Break silos, transform your organization with new communication channels. 

Customer Success

Promote easy, regular share of knowledge and experiences.

Business & Sourcing

Create a marketplace where members can source talents, fund new projects,

The agile solution you were waiting for...

  Roll out solutions faster. Scale initiatives from one central interface and unlimited flexibility.

A real web content management platform

Website management features.
Personalization and analytics capabilities, social media and marketing automation

Get to have a 360-degree visibility on your initiatives

Orchestrate the right data, the right processes, and the right people. All your collaborative initiatives in one single integrated platform!

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fit your context

Make it easy to network, communicate, ideate, plan, fund, source & recruit, monetize, collect data & train.

MARYLINK can be started as "internal only" and be gradually opened up externally as you require. Or vice versa...

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Make the best usage of all your valuable content

Build content and conversations in a single location, then deploy it anywhere you like in the way you like.

Integrate with what you already have 

MARYLINK can be linked, without any code, to the major CRMs, apps, platforms and social networks.

Start simple, add more features over time

Thanks to our next-generation "Hybrid open source" platform, you will be able to cherry-pick the components you want to work with.

No code!

You can easily create new collaborative spaces or pages, tailored to your needs, in just a few clicks.

All in one

One single platform for your corporate website, customer success community,  social intranet as well as your open innovation hub. All nicely interconnected.

Cut costs not features!

 Get all and only the tools you require, at a fair price, without being charged for something you don’t need.

Your ecosystem is unique. It deserves a fresh and attractive design!

At MARYLINK, we trust in a fresh outlook with the latest functionality and design trends.

For who?

Whatever your industry, you will love having one single digital platform.

For all organizations willing to develop a distributed value creation model around employees, customers and partners.

Avoid digital juggling and save!

Engaging and managing en entire ecosystem is challenging. It can require several digital tools. This is troublemaking, since organizations have already, too many Saas apps, and are increasingly adding more, each year!

Hack your Saas bills

Average spending per user per year ranges from 1300 to 3500 USD! And growing.

avoid the Digital time bomb

Too many digital tools creates disconnectivity and new digital silos. This might blast away your agility at scale.

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Winner of Ministry of Justice Hackathon

MARYLINK platform has been chosen based on features and flexibility. The only platform that was able to manage the French ecosystem of "Work of general interest" under the Ministry of justice.

A digital platform dedicated to General interest work (TIG in French). To put businesses, local authorities and associations in touch with one another in order to dynamically offer General interest work positions. . .

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French ministry of Justice
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