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Here a a few examples about you can do with our Digital community solution…

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Import/export content and users in mass.

You can mass import several thousand of users in one go. Each of them will receive a personalized email with login and pass.

Chat and messages

Allow members to send private message and chat. Who can chat or send private mails can be defined in the platform.

Sell access, generate revenue

Provide value to your members and build recurring revenue streams. Use gamification features to keep your community engaged.

Directories of tools/organisations/users

Define spaces as your require. Like ideas challenges, geolocated directories, adverts, video playlists and much more.


Let your users submit public, private and group’s events. Then let them sort them by tags, spaces, date…

Manage projects

Let your users create easy to use kanboards on the required ideas and projects.

Rich profiles

Customize your community with fully editable profile fields that allow members to share details about themselves.

Multi facets content suscriptions

Powerful suscriptions functions to keep content relevant to each user.

Powerful groups

Create public, private or secret groups. Let your users interact in these groups with events, ideas, articles and more.

Amazing functionalities…

Multimedia ready

Each publication comes with the optional ability to add photos, videos or files, and documents. Each of these directly embedded in the publications.

The tools you need.

For each space, you can easily select from a choice of actionable decision-making tools; from basics like votes or public or private comments, radar reviews, economic estimates, to more advanced tools like team recruitment and individual kanboards.

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Even more with our flexible spaces

Build just what you need with the workflows you like

Front end magic pages & spaces builder

Using our front end builder, you can name the publication and decide which colors to be used. Add steps in your collaborative workflow. Define what tools may be used in each step, and then very easily define who in the platform will be able to use the tools, and who can see the resulting publications.
See it in action….

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Fully extensible

Your digital community can be extended in a matter of days with dozens of top notch addons.

Compliments, polls, chats, followers


Activity stream

Support spaces


Point & clic page builder