A flexible platform should be able to offer both a turnkey solution and adapt to particular cases without additional code.

A New disruptive concept

Rather than propose yet another proprietary software suite, and reinventing the wheel, MARYLINK has developed a hybrid formula, integrating the best tools of communication, collaboration, and knowledge management available in open source; together with an advanced social and workflow engine, made in house.

Compared to the traditional model of software publishing, which shows the limits of its relevance, open source corresponds more to new codes of co-creation, collaborative production, and open innovation

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Why such a platform?

More Than You Think

Communication barriers between your employees and external users will fade away. Each user, according to his role, type of user or groups, his rank in the platform will have a different access and operating mode on each of the spaces.

New possibilities

The MARYLINK suite allows both a broad functional coverage, a multitude of possible variations of each function, and unparalleled scalability.

Emulate the big players

The MARYLINK suite allows you to imitate and test many models of digital platforms without having to go through heavy and expensive developments.

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This innovative construction, which required more than five years of study and development, brings together the best of both worlds. The advantages of Open Source and the convenience of SAAS by combining immediate use, flexibility and scalability, serving all kinds of collaborative communities. Made to measure and at a reduced cost, around a product, a technology, a brand, an association, a cluster, a school, a city

New business models and strategies, made possible by increasingly powerful and pervasive digital platforms, are driving the most profound global macroeconomic change since the industrial revolution. In fact, platforms are fast becoming a competitive necessity and the foundation for new value creation—and companies that fail to embrace them could find themselves on the outside looking in.


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Now, the risk is no longer to do. Your biggest risk is to wait …

Open, flexible, feature-rich , the MARYLIK suite has been designed to help you make the most of your latent opportunities, with minimal investment. Those opportunities within your ecosystem, around your customers or managed resources, your partners and your employees.

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