The core is composed of what we call “Smart spaces” and a powerful social network. Smart spaces are publication containers. These containers can be easily set with a 3 step form builder. You can produce any kind of collaborative processes associating decision-making and collaborative tools together with users permissions on a step by step basis. See core components here  
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WhaT IF?

you could free yourself from the usual constraints of proprietary community software?

What IF?

your digital platform could easily fit your environment or your business model? Even the most complex?

What IF?

you could set up tailored collaborative tools with just a few clicks?



With CORE Marylink, you can achieve more with less, and constantly adapt your platform to continuous change.
Whatever your competitive position, or digital maturity standpoint, is, you will quickly change it and most probably leave your competitors behind.

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A Content management system

all kinds of sortable fields and searchable content features (geo-localization, budgets & amounts, media, document embeds, advanced user role management).


A set of Collaborative tools

votes or likes, advanced private and public comments, user and expert reviews, economic evaluations, pdf downloads…


A Workflow engine

Easy to set up

publication and visibility rules per step, multiple settings per role, users, groups, ranks…


Completed by



team management & Kanban project management


A real sociAl network

(tags, @user mention, profiles, options for users subscriptions)


Numerous extensions

Activty stream, collaborative, monetization, publication, and communication modules.

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What does this mean for you?

Key benefits of using MARYLINK Core

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All in one solution

Whatever your objectives are, you could most certainly achieve them with MARYLINK core. By combining different content types with tailored steps, fields, rules and associated tools, you can basically have access to thousands of combinations and options.


Fit for your needs

All these options, can be tweaked by you to perfectly fit your business model. The goal is to set up your own, second to none, and totally personalized, collaborative platform. A solution you can easily start and tweak over time using an agile methodology. Just as innovators do.

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Easy start and set up

Don’t worry about the initial set up! Our core offer comes with several available spaces for your current needs. You can duplicate and change them as you like, to get you up and started in a matter of minutes, not days…


Initial support if required

Our community solution is delivered with dedicated initial support to help you design the spaces you require with all the details you need. It is pretty easy to set up new spaces, but what you might require from us is advice on what to use for your specific objectives and context.

You can buy this initial support as a separate add-on if you want to test the waters with our Core solution. Or get access to a more inclusive service with our community solution. Or use our “tailored project plan” solution.

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