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Our platform is flexible and feature rich. You have many options available. But choosing the right options in due time with the right communication and support, is not an easy task. We perfectly understand this. Rest assure…you are not alone ! We have several services to help you on these. Here are some short videos covering some key aspects. Change management, users support, internal politics… and below some of our services.

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Community management full service.If you need help in planning and developping your community, we can manage the community for you with a dedicated community manager. Ask a quote for more details. We  will … services
Consultancy serviceOne Hour consultancy service Online video conf call Follow up Our solution is simple to use, but also quite rich, and powerfull. Sometimes the idfference betweeen a lagging community and … services
Custom fields and search set up for ProfilesConditional Logic Overview Conditional Logic allows you to show or hide fields based on user input. This way the user registration or edit profile form fields will dynamically show or … services
Training packageYou can ask for quote for online or on site training . We will get back to you with a quote depending or your context and objectives. services
Turn key set up & supportOur platform comes with several options. You can fine tune these options as you like. If you want us to make the platform the ways you like, fully customized, ask … services
Web portal build & designIf you want your platform to be also a portal, we can do this for you. Just add this service in the quote basket, and we will get back to … services

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