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A social intranet your employees will love to use

Use attractive Social tools organized in your your own ways… Precisely the ways that bring value for your organisation

Nextgen social intranet

Flexible & feature rich, yet, user-friendly & cost effective « Innovative digital workplace ». Your new user-friendly secret weapon to blast innovation within your organization and ecosystem.

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An « all in one » Enterprise innovation platform.

The only solution that combines a fully fledge ideation software, a project management tool, a digital workplace solution within a content management framework fully extensible with open source app store.

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Right fit for Your context

you can choose among a large choice of possible use case, or build yours using our flexible core and large number of powerful extensions.

innovative Digital workplace

Boost employee engagement and productivity trough easy to use interfaces.

media rich knowledge management

Build amazing video and documents smart spaces.

enterprise social portal

Build and manage attractive external and internal communities.

collaboration platform

Propose easy to use collaborative tools to promote collaboration.

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What can be done?

Following are some examples about how to use the MARYLINK suite within your organization.

Only suggestions… you can do what you like 🙂

Multiple forums

Customer support, internal Q&A,
Ask Experts spaces, etc…


Of tools, people, partners, best practices,

Timed Challenges

For ideas, projects, collective selections


For recruitment, projects, partner selection,

Collaborative process managment

For recruitment, new projects, partner selection, sales bids, product roadmaps, etc…

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