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We are a French-based company with a worldwide team of experts. 

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Agility and experimentation

Our digital framework required years of continuous improvement through agile customer pilots and developments sprints.Instead of reinventing the wheel, we focus on connecting existing stable web apps, in new creative ways.


Years to build

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Development commits

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Why and how we started it?

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The right tools were missing

It began with frustrations that several of us shared, as innovators. The inability to find a unified solution to address simple but diverse collaborative needs.
Back in 2014, we were active in collaborative communities and innovation groups. The ecosystems we were participating in were, in most cases, still struggling to use the right tools to manage their collaborative needs as a community.


Communities having a hard time

We basically had the situation of communities being stuck with a single, un-adapted piece of software, with some other ecosystems collecting and piling on so many diverse and heterogeneous digital tools that the users finally got lost. Eventually most of the group members ended up using emails to coordinate themselves.

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What users wanted

What users were asking for was a simple, unified interface, something that could manage instant social messages and at the same time, manage knowledge for the long term. Something simple, intuitive and attractive. Something rich in features, but easy to use. Something flexible and evolutionary.


An all in one requirement

If we had to summarize it, it would have been a “LINKEDIN” like private social site with stack overflow options and the whole as easy to use and maintain as a WordPress site ????.
This was a lot to achieve, it required top-notch experts, and we had a limited budget to start with.

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Aiming high, spending low

We took the alternative course. We started very frugally with an ambitious, overall, global goal in mind. We wanted to make our way through open collaboration. A completely different path. We wanted to make a change in change management. After all, we were aiming to build collaborative open innovation solutions; and allow our customers to disrupt the way they were innovating themselves, with better collaboration and more open innovation.


Open source was a no brainer

So, we had to prove from early on that community-driven open source and open innovation approach were the new way forward vs. early financed proprietary software models.

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Innovation was in our blood

So, we had to prove from early on that community-driven open source and open innovation approach were the new way forward vs. early financed proprietary software models.
The way forward at least, in the innovation management software segment…. who would trust a provider that is selling a business concept that they are not using themselves?


We pushed our first version

We first made a beta solution purely based on existing open source modules, to get the product up and running in the minimum time. Then we started to get local deals with a limited number of early adopters that we could afford to choose ourselves.
So, eating our own dog’s food was a no brainer. We started with a beta version. A few months later our first customers made pilots, including several major customers.

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